Head: PD Dr. Michael Seidel

Welcome to the Bioseparation & Microarray Group

Our mission is to develop methods and instrumentations for solving multianalyte problems in the (bio-)analytical field. The general task is the research & development of robust automated test systems including sample preparation by bioseparation, biochemical reagents (antibody- or DNA-based), microarray chips and chemiluminescence readout systems.

For this task, we work together with industry as well as with other research institutions.

The detection of antibiotics in milk was a prominent research project of our group. We developed a multiplex analysis platform for the simultaneous detection of 14 different antibiotic contaminants in raw milk. This test system will be used in routine laboratories of the diary industry and control labs. 

see the MCR 3 in a movie at the FEI homepage

With this analysis platform more application will be established in the future. The present research focus is on pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and indicator organisms in water and food, biotoxins, and antibodies against zoonotic pathogens in sera of slaughtered pigs. Therefore, we use DNA- and antibody microarrays.

Fast concentration methods will be combined with the multiplexed analysis of microorganisms and viruses. Therefore, we have developed an automated concentration system for microorganisms (Munich Microorganism Concentrator, MMC 3) which combines ultrafiltration and monolithic affinity filtration.


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